Knocked Out of the Race, Time for Ice Cream

In the form of a three-point shot with one second remaining, my schedule went from comfortably busy to eerily silent.

Fighting for the final ticket to the ACAC championships, our St. Mary’s University Lightning team found themselves locked head-to-head with the very team that we were competing with for the last spot.

With identical records, our adversary claimed the prize by having the league sanctioned tie-breaker over us.

One play, one second, one point was enough to knock us out from the glow of an opportunity in pursuing gold amongst the best colleges in the province.
The busyness of juggling school, basketball, and work (while sneaking in a nap from time to time) becomes replaced with what now feels like a stillness of space I now try to productively occupy with various things. It’s kind of funny actually; I seriously enjoy my time to be lazy on the couch when I’m in the flurry of midseason, but there’s something uncomfortable about it when I suddenly have much less on the go.

Just like each time the season comes to an end, I relish the opportunity to lay some thoughts down onto here again and keep the motor of the page running.
(Side note: despite a drought of content that always happens from the other demands of my life we’ve averaged 1,800 reads each month and that feels pretty good, thanks for continuing to check it out andΒ  to those readers who are new and old!)

On another note, I now feel like I’m going through some sort of bizarre break-up since basketball has left me for the summer, but who I’ll inevitably take back for one more year in the fall (cuffing season? I don’t know). For now, I’ve spent the day just trying to keep busy and doing things that I don’t really do that much (rumour has it I was spotted in the library today, yikes).

Perspective is everything to me and I definitely need to remember that, because I remember when I was a student without the rigours of sport I felt that the demands of school were pretty heavy; now with the balance of basketball in post-secondary it feels like school on its own is light. Maybe it’s because I was younger, maybe it’s because I was grossly less responsible, maybe it’s Mabeline.

Either way, I’m here now and I like to think I’ve got this part figured out- and I better have it figured, I have one more year left in a degree that’s felt way longer as a result of taking a total of three years off to work and sow my oats elsewhere. No regrets, but dang am I ever getting to be a mature student.

I’ve always maintained that I’m going at my own pace, and there’s some tortoise and the hare thing I could probably plug in somewhere but I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m affectionately/annoyingly called a silver linings guy by my roommate so as always I’ll be looking forward to the things I now have time for even though the real prize of going to the ACAC championships is out the window. The sting of the narrow loss will be on a poster in my mind all summer and I’m sure I’ll be able to attribute more than enough sweaty faces and sore body’s to it as I look to keep pushing forward and by doing as much as I can to make sure I’m not in this position come this time next year at the culmination of my final season.

As for right this second, it’s basketball break-up mode.

Time to go get a haircut and an ice cream.

End note: as a byproduct from not being busy from playoffs of my own, I was able to witness my little brothers first banner- so that was nice. I’m proud of the kid. Maybe he can keep his eyes open when we take a picture with his next banner.