Life Changing Habits Start in 5 Minutes

The idea for this site came from the discovery of how much power ‘5 minutes’ can have. From journaling, meditating, or just chatting to someone close to you, 5 minutes can make a big difference in improving our mood.Β 

I think there’s somewhat of a gruelling and unattractive stigma to things that are good for us; we like the feeling and product we get after, but we aren’t as motivated to actually do it in the first place.Β 

I’m thinking of things like going to the gym, starting a healthier diet, or getting more work done. Losing ‘x’ amount of weight, getting that so-called ‘ideal’ body type, or things of this nature require a dedicated commitment and a supreme amount of work.

We all want things like this, but the ease and simplicity of basic tasks like watching TV, or good ol’ fashioned procrastination often take advantage of us any time we’re feeling less motivated.

The thing is, things that are positive and good for any aspect of our health don’t demand this type of rigorous action that seems to drain us even just by thinking about it.

This is where 5 minutes come into play.

It’s a seemingly inconsequential slot of time – it’s usually used to describe the simplest and easiest of things. But 5 minutes committed to virtually anything can start paying real, valuable dividends to us should we actually start doing something.

It doesn’t matter what it is, starting with an action of 5 committed minutes to something we care about starts to become an investment. Whether it’s exercise, reading, mindfulness, or anything positive, 5 minutes is the deposit you can make into the account of ‘you.’ There’s evidence showing how Olympic athletes gained more aerobic capacity by training in short intervals that totalled 4 minutes than training for a total of 60 minutes. Done in the right way, the athletes had less overall stresses on their body and more time to take care of themselves by stretching and moving onto other aspects of training.

Of course, it’s not all about physical exercise, but the same concept applies to other areas. By starting a 5 minute meditation, you can lower your stress, anxiety, depression, and increase protective grey matter in your brain.

By using 5 minutes to make an effort in reaching out to people you care about, you can increase your social connection, which is actually a vital need of ours that has a habit of being grossly overlooked in modern society.

The possibilities go on and on, and it’s up to us how we choose to use these valuable little slots of time. As I mentioned earlier, it’s an investment into ourselves and the things in life that serve to help and make us better.
And as with investments, these things grow. Cementing a habit for 5 minutes has the potential to snowball in the direction we like, with the habit making it easier to ‘slip’ into doing more because of that coveted feeling of being on a roll.

Many times, once we feel good about doing something it’s easier for us to keep going, because we gain a little more motivation from the addicting feeling of achieving something.

By dividing these important things into manageable, seemingly ‘insignificant’ chunks of time, we’re kind of hacking our brain by making them much easier and accessible.

5 minutes can be the vehicle that moves us along positive, life-changing routes, by making them simple, doable, and ready for us to start.

What can 5 minutes give to you?

Practice happiness, reduce your stress with a simple guided journal, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer.

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Your Dose of Happy News in 500 Words or Less

The past year has been interesting, there’s no way around it. I’m sure everyone has had their own battle and more often than not it’s about things that are pretty heavy that can take an emotional toll.

Reading and seeing negative things in the news is hard for anyone, and living some of them seems unimaginable. In light of the plagues of negativity that seem to swirl around, sensationalized, here are some headlines and stories making the world a little bit brighter. I’m also curious to see how posts about positivity perform, because I’ve talked in other posts about how poorly they do. If it’s something people want to see and read, I’d happily do more because personally, I love this s***.

NFL player Don Jones II upholds promise of taking friend with special needs to prom
Don is no stranger to busy schedules, but after promising Lindsey Preston that he would be her prom date, he was able to keep that promise and in turn lit up not only the smiles of his Lindsey, but the rest of the school as he showed them all some new dance moves. Don stayed for the duration of the night, and was more than happy to keep a promise he made to a friend of his who he met from his mother teaching her.

Yale offers to teach it’s most popular class online for free, to anyone
It’s no secret that health and wellbeing are becoming increasingly popular as each year goes by, and after the huge success of Psychology 157: The Science of Wellbeing, Yale has offered to teach the course online to anyone seeking to learn it. The course specializes in teaching how to maintain personal health, and is absolutely free for anyone who wishes to take it.

Scientists accidentally discover super-enzyme capable for devouring plastic waste
A group of scientists originally researching bacteria, haphazardly came across an enzyme capable of safely decomposing plastic and waste back into the environment- a breakthrough in the recycling industry. And since enzymes are biodegradable, there are no harmful repercussions of the bacteria. Pending a patent, recycling plastic back into reusable plastic or a material fit for the environment is on the way.

Nova Scotian communicates for the first time in 21 years after brain injury
After a traumatic brain injury left Joellen Huntley feeding through a tube and unable to speak since 15, her mother thought communicating with her would never be an option. However, with the technology called Eyegaze, Joellen is able to communicate to her mother with signs and symbols based on where she looks with her eyes. Her mother was overcome with emotion as she explains the only thing she’s ever wanted was to speak with her daughter.

Skydiver Gregory Robertson hurdles out at a 320 km/h to save unconscious skydiver
While this headline is from history, this day in April 31 years ago, it’s a story worth retelling. After two skydivers collided in mid-air and knocking one unconscious, Gregory leaped out of the airplane after her- tucking himself into a ball in attempt to catch up. He was able to make enough speed in time to reach her, and held her in his arms as he deployed his parachute to safely land the both of them.

Practice happiness, reduce your stress with a simple guided journal, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer.

Order your copy of ‘The Five Minute Mind’ here:

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