Jordan is a 26 year old writer from Calgary, Alberta and has always had a a fire for writing. Up until recently, Jordan did not take action on writing but has since discovered a terrific outlet to utilize this passion. Jordan currently works as Youth and Family Counsellor and aims to strengthen his connection in the world of wellbeing and self-development.

Currently, he has been published on the Thought Catalog and Medium and looks to expand on it in the future.


His articles are very interesting and written from the heart! Thank you for the amazing reads! Keep going strong.
-Kim Brown

… So young but his recent posts show amazing adult emotions and understanding. Great pieces/blogs. I’ve really enjoyed reading them. Much love from your UK family! 
-Tracy Tilbury

If you’re into personal development or just reading thought provoking content check out my friend’s new page. I’ve read everything he’s put out so far and I’m glad I did- take a look!
-Kolson Moore

This is a truly inspiring read to all my friends out there! Please share and take the time to read [these]. Speaks high powers in my world. 
-Emily McEachern

Well written Jordan. This article is gold!! I’ve shifted my way of thinking and perceiving over the past couple years and the results have been overwhelmingly amazing… Happiness is what you make it ….Keep writing!!
-Courtney Van Oene, on “Practice Makes Perfect, Happiness Is No Exception”



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