Millennials Might Not Be Working, But This Is What Is

Millennials are constantly being scrutinized for being lazy, entitled, and “ruining the economy.”

And they are. If 319 selfies in an Amaro filter can’t dig the economy out of debt… Honestly I don’t know what will.

Criticizing the generations following after you is nothing new and is sure to be a torch passed onwards as millenials start harping on the up-and-coming young bucks and
whatever ridiculous behaviour they normalize next. Let’s be honest, everyone can already feel themselves in those shoes as well. Although I strongly doubt anyone will be able to rock those all-white New Balances with the same zestiness, I’m sure they’ll be okay.

Community is a surprising, albeit subtle, trait found in each generation amongst themselves, as the simple timing of when you were born unifies people together by sharing similar experiences- however marginal it might be.

All generations have definitely cemented their own stereotypes, as the relatively harmless flack taken from each generations shortcomings can often be found on Facebook from time to time (as well as memed responses). Really though- supporting a household on a hardware store salary just isn’t feasible anymore, and sometimes it takes humour to send a message!

There are plenty of positive aspects put forth by the millennial generation; one of them being the main theme of The Five You Need. Wellbeing and self-care has often been overlooked for years by a massive chunk of the population, but modernization has helped to impress the importance of taking care and looking after yourself.

This is huge, as continuously overlooking an issue like this will only perpetuate the problem. While not prioritized or neglected in the past, self-care has become a societal norm. Realizing the merit in concepts like mindfulness and mental wellbeing have only just begun in the way it’s exploding in both popularity and value. This is a philosophy that should continue to be progressed by every generation, as anybody is susceptible in developing mental illnesses of all variations and magnitude.

No one is immune, and your mind should be treated with the same respect which we treat our bodies with. Self-care can come in a variety of ways, but understanding the primary role it plays in our lives is crucial to our own wellbeing.

As briefly alluded to in previous articles, being in tune with yourself is a big thing. Being conscious of the activities and habits that are both healthy and enjoyable to you is a base block to understanding how to take care of yourself. Whether that’s being outdoors, reading, or spending time with someone- being aware of how these activities help you stay balanced is key. This is relatively easy, but for most people the hard part is actually making time for these types of things.

Here’s the reality though.

The fact is absolutely everyone on this planet has time for a minimum of 15 minutes every day to spend on themselves- it doesn’t matter how busy you are. What is really at the forefront when someone claims they don’t have this seemingly insignificant block of time is that they just don’t care about it enough.

If that’s the case, okay. Some people are just geared differently than others. But an interesting way I learned to portray things accurately in your mind and to others is rewording common phrases to display the real truth. In this example, “I just don’t have the time for that,” is replaced with “It’s not a priority to me.”

Simple enough, but responding this way to yourself and to others can enlighten you on how you really feel about certain things. Going to the gym, meditating, eating healthy- whatever it is, this is the truth behind it. If it’s enough of a priority to you, you’ll make time for it.

The same goes for less rewarding activities, like watching TV or playing games. Motivated people who possess that natural pizazz for life say they just don’t have the time for those things, when in reality they just don’t place much of a priority on them.

Allow yourself to be honest with yourself and others, and see if that makes you feel differently about things. It’s harder to admit that eating better isn’t a priority to you than it is to say you don’t have time for it.

Being honest with yourself can help you plan out your days better and allow you to create the time necessary for the things truly important to you. 

This is a step in the direction of taking care of yourself, and in the end, all the dividends are paid out to you.

5 thoughts on “Millennials Might Not Be Working, But This Is What Is

  1. Good read, self care is very important and the more we get this out there then the better of we'll be! Looking forward to more content…

  2. I read something along the lines of this…prioritizing what's important to you! Usually your wife, family, job. You need to prioritize time for yourself. Cheers MATEY

  3. Jordan you may have found the meaning of life 🙂 Many years ago the belief was work hard for 30 years to retire with a good pension and spend retirement finally enjoying life… but that didn't/doesn't really happen… businesses shutting down, layoffs, financial crisis or even health issues (often caused by not taking care of ourselves) resulted in many retirees finding themselves having to learn to cope with a new way of life. I do believe the younger generation is onto something with not stressing themselves about working long hard shifts for 30-40 years in hopes of having time to finally enjoy life. By remembering to \”take care\” of themselves as part of everyday life, they may end up being healthier to take care of their parents and children in the future. I hope they still \”plan\” for their futures, but also enjoy the times they are living in now. I have always believed in taking care of myself – making time for everything that matters to me – so I can be a better Mom and wife and friend to others. It doesn't mean I am selfish.. it means I know I need to be healthy to help others. Once again great writing. Keep up the great work. Thanks Jordan.

  4. Absolutely. Thank you so much for your replies, I agree with everything you say and have enjoyed hearing your inputs! Other points of view are refreshing. Hope your Canada day weekend is going well, enjoy the sun! I know you do :)You're an inspiration to those around you on the things that matter most in this world- happiness, love, and friendship. Thanks for reading!

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